Behavaior modification

We’re taking the cats to behavior class this afternoon. Who knows, maybe they’ll stop jumping on the counters, knocking over the trash can, waking me up at 6 a.m. and causing general chaos around the house.



My cat threw up last night — twice. I’m not sure why or how it happened.

I came home, fed the cats and sat on the couch to watch the Angels came. The cats ate, cleaned themselves and chased each other around.

Then, I hear a “hack, hack, hack” sound. I turn around and see Smokey vomiting up a mustard yellow glob of gross-ness. I freeze, unsure of what to do. My mind races as it conjures up images of cleaning products, paper towels and latex gloves. For a few seconds, I’m lost in thought.

“Hack, hack, hack.” The sound brings me back to reality. Smokey is coughing up another mustard-yellow glob of goo. This time, I’m set. I know what to do.

One eye is on the cats. They’re looking at the vomit curiously, circling around it and sniffing it. I’m afraid one of them might take a nibble at it. Another eye is on the kitchen cabinet, where I retrieve a chemical concoction made by Arm & Hammer specifically for pet stains. I also find a fat roll of paper towels.

Gingerly, the vomit is scooped up with two thick sheets of paper towels. The chemical spray is liberally applied to the carpet. I watch and observe. Not enough spray, I think, and more is added, blanketing the beige fabric with more snow white suds.

I never smelled the vomit. The chemicals did their job, masking the unknown odor and bleaching the carpet. Smokey seemed fine for the rest of the night. She didn’t throw up again, and she continued playing with Marshy. At one point, she crawled onto my lap and fell asleep.

I pray this doesn’t happen again, although I know it will. “Cats just throw up sometimes,” my boyfriend (who was not there at the time) tells me. I guess it’s true. Cats do throw up sometimes. I just hope that when this happens again, I’ll be there. I need to spray.

Food preferences

Wet food night is always a treat in our house. Wet food, or canned food, is devoured while dry food is nibbled on throughout the day.

Science Diet's Culinary Creations ROasted Chicken Dinner in Gravy

Science Diet's Culinary Creations Roasted Chicken Dinner in Gravy

Last night, I introduced the kitties to Science Diet’s Culinary Creations Roasted Chicken in Gravy (for Kittens). First, the texture was completely different. Instead of a semi-solid shape, it was small chunks of meat in a runny stew. Usually, canned food takes on the shape of the can when I put it on a plate. This chicken in gravy was soupy.

The kitties rejected it. After a few bites, they walked away. I couldn’t tell exactly how much had been eaten, but it wasn’t much. A few minutes later, both cats went back to the dry food bowl and continued their dinner. That never happens during wet food night! I’ve never seen the cats pass up canned food for dry food. (And yes, they’ve loved other Science Diet canned foods.)

Chatty kitties

Much like new mothers hear their infant’s cry and learn to distinguish between a cry for food, diaper change or comfort, I must learn about my kitties’ mews. Marshy is the chattier of the two cats, and I have no idea what she wants.

Circling around my chair, she mews and meows in her high-pitched voice. I think she wants love and attention. Or is it food? A few pats and scratches behind the ears sometimes satisfies her. On other occasions, her meowing continues, despite lots of love and attention.

I wish I could understand her language. Is she hungry? Is she thirsty? Does she want to play?

60 hours later

My last allergy pill was 60 hours ago. That means, the medication probably wore off about 36 hours ago. I’d say this is Allergy Level 2. Itchy nose and throat. My eyes are OK.